Wear art! Protect yourself and others!

Cover your face with art!

Art inspires! That's why we transformed our original art paintings into wearable art you can enjoy everyday! Wear art! Change your mood!

The Collections

The Original Abstracts

Enjoy our original abstract artwork, coming to life through this vibrant collection!

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The Stained Glass Collection

One of our favorite abstract paintings, resembling a vibrant stained glass vibe, comes to life to create our unique ArtzOnMe Stained Glass Collection!

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Swimwear & Accessories

Wear art on the beach!

Bring color and joy to your day at the beach with the ArtzOnMe swimsuit! When you wear our art-inspired clothing, you become the artwork yourself! Enjoy!

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The Face It Collection

Enjoy the Face It collection, inspired by our Mary painting.

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ArtzOnMe Backpacks

Enjoy this one-of-a-kind, colorful and artistic ArtzOnMe backpack, inspired by personal abstract artwork! By wearing this backpack, you become the artwork yourself. Bring color to your life and inspire others!

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The Men's Collection

One of our newest collections brings the wonder of ArtzOnMe to men's t-shirts! 

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The Youth Collection

Bring color and joy to your day with our original ArtzOnMe clothes!

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The Leggings

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